Find a specific date on facebook

Likes received: 0 i hate to say this and have it come off wrong, but they do have a help center on facebook that can answer all of these questions you've had there is no way to search by. Ok here is the deal i am trying to pull posts from a group based on a date range get facebook feed posts from a specific date on specific date in facebook 0. I wanna get to a specific date on my wall can i get to it date on my facebook wall without going thru everything are still active on facebook. 4 click the year for which you want to see your status updates from the list of years to the right of your timeline posts all your status updates will be shown for the year you selected, divided by month each update is accompanied by the. How to find a certain date on facebook - rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman i'm laid back and get along with everyone looking for. Featured answer terry johnson 13,018 answersstar contributor for your timeline: activity log, in the left column select the 'your posts' (or posts by others) filter, at the top in the activity search box type key words that were in the post, a display of possible posts will then show.

Before facebook introduced its timeline format, you couldn't easily jump to a specific post on a profile or business page the wall contained posts in a single stream, forcing you to navigate through all of them sequentially. Check unfortunately, it is not possible to navigate to a specific date using the timeline the closest you can get is navigating to the month then you must scroll until you find the date and post you seek. August 3, 2015 find a specific post/date on your facebook timeline search feature on facebook use google to search facebok options to find a particular post. Finding old facebook posts just got a whole lot easier facebook updated its search in a big way monday that allows you to find your or your friends' posts from months or years past.

How can i find certain date on news feed why does facebook limit the use of certain features and what how do i schedule an expiration date for a video on my. How can i like, comment on or share a news feed post using a who can see a story in their news feed about something i share how do i view stories on my news feed in most recent order how do i stop videos from playing automatically in my news f i can’t find certain stories in my activity log.

This week, facebook is adding the ability to search for keywords contained within posts, photos, articles and videos that were shared with you facebook’s semantic graph search features like the ability to search for the phrases “my friends that work at facebook” and “photos of my friends” has not changed. If you regularly use your business facebook page to post status updates, new pictures and other content, older posts will quickly get lost on your page's timeline if you need to find an older post, you can use facebook's activity log to filter posts by the month, year and type of update. How do i find an old wall posting on facebook dave, i’ve poked around and can’t see any way to search by date or otherwise zip back a long way oh.

Find a specific date on facebook

Facebook updated search for the desktop version of its website and its iphone app, making it easier for people to find specific posts shared by friends recommended videos. Changing and amending dates on facebook posts can help you keep track of the timeline of your digital thoughts get to a certain date on facebook posts. Chat & messages search i have tried to find my recent messages, but found no other way except for rolling them back but it seemed unreal for me, cause i am chatting with this person every day for at least 5-6 hours for the last 1 year.

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  • When readers want to look at past posts to find certain pieces of information, or to check current product posts against earlier ones throughout product development, the timeline view can come in handy if you're looking for a post from a certain month on a facebook brand page, there's a fast way to do it using timeline.
  • Facebook said it has updated its five new ways to look up posts with facebook's expanded search tool users can get very specific by using all.

I wanted to get facebook's messages not feeds i've searched about it but did not find the solution i have also looked into fql for the same but didn't find any useful things. One way is via the web: so go to messenger (and log in) click on a chat on the left hand side, select a chat when chats are selected, the most recent chat history is loaded in the middle panel scroll up on the middle panel to view old facebook messages scroll up more to get even older messages. You cannot access your friend's search box photo below is a search box on my facebook account i hope this is what you meant otherwise, if you meant a friend's wall you can navigate all tabs on their wall but you cannot search but entering keywords and click on search just like below. And facebook believes people want to find not just other people with search, but specific memories, photos, articles, and other content that users share. Answer wiki you can use this tool it’s called bino facebook posts scraper and auto publisher you can with it scrape all page posts and then sort the result by date or number of likes, comments, shares and also scrape posts in specific date. Get facebook feed posts from a specific date range from what you just provided us you provided us with: you may just need to change it to the following: the small issue is just syntax aside from that, that's all i can see is wrong with it. I have tried to find my recent messages, but found no other way except for rolling them back but it seemed unreal for me, cause i am chatting with this p.

Find a specific date on facebook
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